Pasta Etna

Made by bronze drawing the best durum wheat

Pasta Etna stands at the summit of excellence, because of the process used in its manufacture and the quality of its raw materials, both of which contribute to its superb characteristics.

Bronze drawing gives the pasta a surface roughness that locks in sauces and condiments, and a craftsman’s porosity that’s synonymous with authenticity. Its high protein content, reaching up to 13%, gives it an optimal nutritional value, as well as making it full-bodied, so it can always be cooked “al dente”.

To enhance its intense flavour, we thought of drying at a low temperature, plus using durum wheat semolina, chosen from the very best, vacuum kneading to give it a golden colour and intense flavour, and using water for the dough that’s from pure Etna springs.

Pasta Etna expresses the best of traditional regional pasta; and even in its formats, from classical to the more fanciful, can satisfy chefs, cookery enthusiasts and gourmets alike.

The packs, which are elegant and instantly recognised by their blue background, are convenient and practical, and allow you to see the product and recognise the format.