A modern factory that respects the tradition

Tradition and innovation, experience and expertise, quality of raw materials and above all love for pasta, made Alberto Poiatti a prestigious brand in the pasta market, and one of the most important and popular performers of the art of making pasta.

Over the past few decades, there have been numerous modernizations and expansion of the production facilities, merged in 2000 into the new factory in Santa Venerina, located in a place where mother nature has a leading role and designed to be in harmony with the environment that surrounds.

Modern and innovative, both in structure and in the technologies used, ensuring efficiency, safety and quality, the factory covers an area of ​​about 50,000 square meters, of which 10,000 are covered and used for production and warehouse.

The most advanced machinery in the industry and selected grains, allow the production of pasta with really excellent features, whose fullness enhances all the sauces and condiments, from the simplest to the most imaginative, and surprising every time with the goodness of its taste.

The water used for mixing is the one that flows from the springs of Mount Etna, renowned for its purity, and during the pasta-making, the superfine durum wheat, chosen with care, are mixed under vacuum to ensure the hydration homogeneity, a golden color and an intense scent, absence of oxidation and the best quality of gluten.

The final quality also, while respecting the most ancient rules of making pasta, is guaranteed by compliance with the HACCP program and IFS and BRC standards (for both Higher Level Certification) certified by DNV.

Thanks also to the quality controls carried out by the internal laboratory and the skilful mixture of fine grains, the pasta Alberto Poiatti today meets the most selective needs in terms of taste, quality and authenticity.

A high-tech production system

The Alberto Poiatti company has been able to set up production as a true high-tech system, which integrates today 4 production lines, 11 packers and automated logistics, monitored at every stage by a computerized center.
Currently has a production capacity of over 60,000 tons of pasta a year, relying on production lines, capable of touching 230 tons daily

  • a line for long pasta Pavan of 2,500 kg/h;
  • a line for short pasta Pavan of 3,200 kg/h;
  • a line of short pasta and one of sheared Pavan of 2,000 kg/h;
  • a line (combined) for special pasta (nests) of 600 kg/h or short pasta of 2,200 kg/h.

The round-the-clock production on three shifts of 8 hours can now count on a solid and flexible automatic packaging capacity, which varies from the typical traditional packaging namely the “cushion” to the “square bottom” (with cardboard display or not), with the ability to work the 5 kg bulk. We also automatically produce the cardboard box on an 80×120 platform and on a 60×80 mini-box for retail display off the counter and special offers.
The entire production process is fully automated with mechanical bundling, palletizing robots, accompanying shuttles and end-winding of the finished product in stock.